Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sometimes, Always & Never

Saw this on Ashley's blog and thought I would do it. I love these things!

~ Put spicy salsa on everything
~ Thinking how I can better organize anything
~ Drink a glass of Organic Skim milk in the morning
~ Love a quiet and empty house
~ Start dancing when I hear a song with a good beat
~ Wear flip flops and jeans
~ Feel guilty when I say no to people
~ Have to have an even number of everything
~ Prefer Hugs
~ Stay in pajamas all day long
~ Cry when I hear a great song
~ Wish I lived closer to my best friend
~ Wish it was Christmas time all year round
~ Wonder what I’m going to be like when I’m a wife/mom one day
~ Get excited about folding towels and watching tv
~ I forget I’m not a kid anymore
~ Get extremely nervous in new situations
~ Forget to brush my teeth
~ Use condiments (except salsa!)
~ Get tired of snuggling
~ Can get through the whole ASPCA commercial without tearing up
~ Eat oranges – the texture freaks me out
~ Go to bed before midnight
~ Not do my homework
~ Want to become a negative person